The Westchester County Human Rights Commission seeks to promote dignity and respect by advancing justice, equality and education for the diverse community of Westchester County. We will enforce Westchester County's Human Rights Law and Fair Housing Law.

We aim to be a fair, open and expeditious forum for the resolution of unlawful discrimination matters occurring in the county. It is our hope that this commission will foster tolerance among the residents of Westchester County and continue to study the problems of prejudice, intolerance, bigotry and disorder.

Beyond enforcement, we strive to:

  • prevent discrimination by educating the public on their rights and obligations under the law
  • eliminate discrimination locally and globally through legal, educational and legislative advocacy
  • investigate, uncover and prosecute standard as well as systemic violations of the Human Rights Law and related laws
  • enable and support legislation designed to protect individuals from unfair and/or unequal treatment and seek the repeal of those laws that create barriers to fair and equal treatment
  • provide education and advocacy that fosters racial and ethnic harmony among diverse individuals and groups
  • promote and support the furtherance of Human Rights in employment, housing, public accommodation, schools, credit and any other area
  • be a center for dialogue, debate and contemporary thought on policy in civil rights and race relations, grounded in the experience and empirical data gained from being on the frontlines of America’s efforts against unlawful discrimination
  • promote and assure equal access and integrated opportunities and settings in the community for individuals with disabilities Olmstead v. L.C., 527 U.S. 581 (1999)
  • affirmatively further fair housing in conjunction with the commission’s obligations as a participant in HUD’s Fair Housing Assistance Program