Housing discrimination is illegal. The Westchester County Fair Housing Law and the Federal Fair Housing Act prohibit sexual harassment in housing.

Sexual harassment is about power and it can cause a resident or tenant to feel unsafe.  Unlawful conduct can include sexually inappropriate comments, unwanted touching, and/or withholding rental services or repairs based on sex.

Some Potential Examples of Sexual Harassment in Housing May Include

  • A property manager makes unwanted, lewd comments about a resident’s body.
  • A landlord tells a tenant that there are “other ways to pay rent” suggesting that the landlord is requesting sexual favors in exchange for rental payment.
  • A real estate agent says he will offer a client a reduced commission if she goes out on a date with him.
  • A building superintendent, porter or real estate agent retaliates against a resident because the resident rejected the sexual advances.

These examples are for general guidance purposes only and do not constitute legal advice. Each case is fact specific and it will depend on the circumstances.

Only a fraction of the reported millions of instances of housing discrimination that occur each year are reported. If you believe that you experienced sexual harassment or another form of housing discrimination, contact the Commission by phone at (914) 995-9500, by email at , or use the housing discrimination complaint form.

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